(3) DS-XML-350 LED Grow Light Review - www.AdvancedLEDLights.com -SUPERSOIL

Published on 2013-02-20 by BombyCron42

Mention this video or my channel and receive a DISCOUNT on your purchase!!! http://www.advancedledlights.com Trying out the NEW DS-XML-350 CREE LED ICE (Royal Queen Seeds) Day 15 of flower Vegged for 8 weeks from seed In a #7 container (5 gal) Roots Organics Soil as base 100% Organic Supersoil (Subcools recipe) ONLY products being used are BUD CANDY and HYGROZYME in small amounts once a week. Grow Lab GL60 Tent 2'x2'x5'3" Vegged under 4 bulb T5 from day 1-40 Filmed with Sony HDR-CX190 LEGAL GRO ...

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